2014-10-29 17:27:00

ISIS is instrument for unleashing World War III

Moscow, October 29, Interfax - 'Islamic State' is a power governed by the West to kindle a global war, MGIMO associate professor Olga Chetverikova believes.

"'Islamic Caliphate' is a real instrument, very well governed for unleashing World War III, that, in fact, has started. We know that both World War I and World War II began from local wars and regional conflicts," Chetverikova said on air the Vechnost i Vremya (Eternity and Time - IF) program in the Spas TV channel.

According to her, Syrian government "broke up their scenario and they had to change everything on the way, and set up a more powerful, strong instrument, today much money is invested in it."

Chetverikova does not agree that the ISIS is not controlled by the USA anymore. She pointed out that the entire oil market is controlled by American corporations and if they "wished and moved a single finger," they would stop the ISIS oil trade.