2014-10-29 18:06:00

ISIS is no use for the USA and threatens to destroy entire Islamic civilization

*** There is no unity among Islamists as among anarchists, socialist-revolutionists and Bolsheviks

Moscow, October 29, Interfax - Expert on Islam, director of the Human Rights Center at the World Russian People's Council Roman Silantyev does not agree that Islamic state acts in favor of the USA.

"They need Bashar Assad's fall. To achieve it, they don't need to establish the Islamic State, they don't need the crash of Iraq in this situation, and don't need to side with Iran. They lost this situation and it is a shame for their foreign policy," Silantyev said on air the Vechnost i Vremya (Eternity and Time - IF) program in the Spas TV channel.

He noted that many things that appear chaotically "then are considered as someone's victory or fall," but in fact there are few many-step combinations, as "human factor spoils everything."

"Most likely, it (ISIS - IF) is something occasional, however, appearing in the state of chaos," the expert said.

He pointed out that never before a terrorist organization had managed to reach such a success, and added that at the present time terrorists are counted not in thousands or dozens of thousands as in the 20th century, but in dozens of millions.

Silantyev also said that there was a schism in once united Islamic camp, which solidary worked against Russia: Saudi Arabia and Qatar are enemies. While the first is concerned with ISIS actions, Qatar and Turkey sympathize with it.

"They confess different branches of Islamism. Islamists are not the same. Like socialist-revolutionalists, Bolsheviks and anarchists were not friendly, though tsar security service considered them all revolutionaries. We call all of them Wahabis, Islamists, but there are many trends among them, and they constantly multiply," he said.

According to the expert, Wahabis has not created their own culture.

"The maximum they reached is copying American skyscrapers and building 10-meter long cars and cover them with gold. True Muslim culture is destroyed. In fact, Islamic world faces a serious challenge, Islamic civilization is under threat of being destroyed by these people," he said.