2014-11-21 18:20:00

At least 50 churches were damaged in military action in Ukraine - Russian expert

Moscow, November 21, Interfax - At least fifty churches were attacked and some twenty churches were taken over on the territory of Ukraine in the course of the military action there, Vladislava Filyanova, the head of the ethnic and religious issues research sector of the Russian Strategic Research Institute, said.

"It's the minimum because information on such takeovers is rarely reported by the media," the expert said.

The expert said the media are now advised against publishing such information in order to prevent the situation in the country from being aggravated, which makes it difficult to see the objective picture.

Filyanova also called the creation of the White Book of facts of Ukrainian Orthodox Christian rights violations in Ukraine, saying this information should be presented in the UN and the OSCE to draw the attention of international organizations to this issue.