2014-12-10 17:06:00

Syria jihad recruiters spotted in southern Kyrgyzstan

Osh, December 10, Interfax - Law enforcement authorities in southern Kyrgyzstan have launched three criminal inquiries into the hiring and sending of militants to Syria, a Batken regional police spokesperson told Interfax on Wednesday.

"People recruiting for Syria have been spotted in the Batken region (the south of the country). We are now investigating three criminal cases over the hiring and sending of young people to 'participate in jihad' in Syria," the spokesperson said.

There are concerns over the rising number of those traveling abroad to get religious education, he said. "Many of them fail to undergo registration and licensing process before traveling abroad for religious education," the spokesperson said.

Very often radical religious extremist organizations use young students for propagating their ideas, the police said. "First they enlist them and then use them to draw even more followers into their ranks. It emerged during one criminal inquiry that even a young pregnant woman had gone to Syria," the police said.

"Very often local authorities and law enforcement agencies become aware only after young people had gone abroad," the spokesperson said.