2006-03-20 11:02:00

Opposition candidate for president of Belarus enlisted support of local church schismatics

Minsk, March 20, Interfax - Last evening, a candidate for Belarussian president Alexander Kozulin came to an opposition rally accompanied by six clergymen of the Belarussian autocephalous church that is not recognized in the Orthodox world. They carried a cross and icons.

Speaking at the rally, he called upon the compatriots not to yield to provocation. ‘It was not by chance that the last snow came. The authorities want something to happen’, Kozulin said.

Half an hour before the rally there has been a strong snowstorm in the Oktyabrskaya square that seized when the rally began.

Taking advantage of the people in cassocks present at the rally, Kozulin invited all those present to prayer and began to recite the Lord’s Prayer.

According to the Republican Central Election Commission, Kozulin scored 3,2% of votes last Sunday.