2015-01-30 16:14:00

Russian Supreme Court says North Caucasian jihadists fighting for ISIL

Moscow, January 30, Interfax - Militants operating in the North Caucasus may have connections to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), Russian law enforcement authorities believe.

"T.T. Batirashvili with origins in Georgia is the commander of the ISIL northern front. Militants from the Khattab Brigade, North Caucasian jihadists from the brigades of Shamil Basayev and Jokhar Dudayev and groups related to the Turkish Jamaat, the Abu Hanifa Jamaat, are operating under his command," says a Russian Supreme Court resolution seen by Interfax.

The resolution was adopted at the end of the court hearings, which recognized ISIL as a terrorist organization. The court added that a criminal inquiry had been opened over a terrorist video threatening the Russian Federation.