2006-03-21 13:10:00

The opposition meeting in Minsk hosts a service celebrated by a church created with the help of German occupants

Moscow, March 21, Interfax - The clergy of the Belarussian Autocephalous Church, not recognized in the Orthodox world, held a service on Tuesday morning in October Square in Minsk where supporters of the former runners for Belarussian presidency, Alexander Milinkevich and Alexander Kozulin, continue their action against the results of the elections.

An Interfax correspondent reported from the square that this religious group prayed for ‘the participants in the action, Belarussian government, God-loving Army and Belarussian police, who safeguard us’.

The Belarussian Autocephalous Church was established by the fascists during World War II, but not a single Belarussian bishop joined it for all the pressure from the occupants. At present, it has its headquarters in the USA, but neither there nor in Belarus there are any believers who support it, Interfax was told by a source in the Moscow Patriarchate.

‘At the same time, the Belarussian autocephalists have enjoyed an active support from the head of another schismatic organization - Philaret Denisenko of the self-styled Patriarchate of Kiev. It was not accidental that a portrait of this figure was noticed yesterday at the opposition meeting in Minsk,’ he said to the agency.