2015-02-11 10:33:00

Islamic State result of U.S. policy, Western indifference - Patrushev

Moscow, February 11, Interfax - Moscow blames the United States for the rise of the Islamic State (IS), a radical terrorist organization, says Nikolay Patrushev, Russia's Security Council Secretary

"The rise of the radical group the Islamic State is also a result of the U.S. policy and indifference of other Western countries," he said in an interview to be published in the Rossiyskaya Gazeta on Wednesday.

The U.S. decided to "shake up" North Africa and the Middle East, where they think some rulers "have sat in their offices for too long," he said.

"That some of them had been serving the West faithfully and truthfully was not much impediment to the Americans. To achieve the goal, the so-called theory of 'controlled chaos' was implemented. And while chaos was achieved, with U.S. participation, in a whole host of country where it took the shape of the Arab Spring, controllability failed somehow," Patrushev said.

"As a result, the Islamic State got out of control of the U.S. and its western partners. And today IS is already threatening not only the East, but Europe as well. To destroy it, American partners have renewed their call for consolidated efforts of the United Nations and are creating yet another coalition, Patrushev said.