2015-02-20 17:45:00

Ukrainian authorities only have to accuse the Pope of subversive activities

Moscow, February 20, Interfax - Head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church press service Vasily Anisimov accuses Ukrainian propagandists and officials of kindling the fratricidal conflict.

"Has anyone heard a word urging for fraternity, mercy and humanity to opponents from those in power or from militant propagandists during long months of this terrible war? What are the roots of this fanatic intolerance? Or there are no Christians capable to hear the voice of the Church, to hear its position among our officials, in our mass media sowing anger?" Anisimov writes in his article posted by Interfax-Religion on Friday.

He reminds that Pope Francis of Rome has called the operation in Donbass carried out by Ukrainian authorities "monstrous fraternal violence," which "confused the most blood-thirsty (alongside with cultists, Filaret's followers and fire-worshippers) part of the current civil conflict - the Union."

Anisimov writes that it is not surprising that the Orthodox and the Catholic Churches share the same opinion about the Ukrainian tragedy, but that "their point of view contradicts to the official Ukrainian propaganda."

"I wonder what punishment our authorities will choose for the Pope of Rome for his evident anti-state activities? Will they stop broadcasting his sermons, cut out any references to him in movies and TV-programs? Or will they ban him to enter the country as it was with Kobzon and Okhlobystin? (a Russian singer and an actor - IF)" the article reads.

Anyway, the author resumes, he won't envy Pope Francis as "there is at least one country in the globe where he will be given a three or five-year sentence with confiscation of property."