2015-04-16 15:24:00

Putin is concerned about presence of Russian citizens among ISIS members

Moscow, April 16, Interfax - The terrorist group ISIS does not pose a direct threat to Russia, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"ISIS, of course, poses no direct threat to us," Putin said during a televised question and answer session on Thursday.

The president said he is concerned about the fact that there are Russian citizens among ISIS members.

"What really concerns us is that our citizens appear there. They undergo some training there and may come to our territory. CIS citizens are trained there, fight and may come to us with our passports," Putin said.

"Yes, we understand that and we work accordingly. I can't say we know them all by name, but we know their approximate number, where they fight and where they are trained and we know some names. The special services are working very actively on that in cooperation with their colleagues from other CIS countries," Putin said.