2015-06-17 10:29:00

ISIL threat spreading towards CIS borders - Antiterrorism Center head (updated)

Moscow, June 17, Interfax - The operative situation in CIS member countries may exacerbate under the impact of the threat coming from the terrorist organization, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, CIS Antiterrorism Center head Andrey Novikov has said.

"The threat of ISIL expansion has come close to the southern borders of the Commonwealth, and clashes have been reported from the southern frontier of Turkmenistan and in Gorno-Badakhshan. Our analysts think that the regrouping of international terrorist forces in the vicinity of the CIS external borders alongside the intention to start armed attacks in countries bordering the CIS may significantly complicate the operative situation in CIS member countries," Novikov told Interfax in an interview.

The Antiterrorism Center is concerned about the mounting recruitment activity of ISIL, in particular, on the CIS space, and the relocation of militants from Central Asian countries to the armed conflict zone in the Middle East.

CIS member countries are working together to bar ISIL from their territory, Novikov said. They are reinforcing the southern borders of the CIS and prosecuting persons engaged in the hostilities abroad.

Novikov said he had warned about a spike in ISIL risks in October 2014, during an international conference held in Brussels by the UN Counter-Terrorism Center.

"As I said back then, international terrorist organizations, which had undergone mercenary-type modernization, set as their medium-term objective a change of the administrative model of whole sub-regions, fragmentation of existent states and creation of new ones," Novikov said.

Last year the CIS Antiterrorism Center developed methodological recommendations, including a review on ISIL, which described terrorist methods, the approximate number of members, recruitment methods, possible actions and their focus.

"Unfortunately, practically every forecast of ours is coming true," Novikov said.