2015-06-26 11:47:00

Uzbekistan concerned about women's recruitment for ISIL

Tashkent, June 26, Interfax - Uzbek law enforcement authorities have detained in recent months several groups of women suspected of being linked to the terrorist organization Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, the local media said on Friday.

According to them, four young women presumably planning to reach Syria were arrested in March by Turkish authorities and transferred to the police of the republic. Several departures of young women to the Middle East were prevented. Besides, facts of clandestine religious training of underage girls with the purpose of their future sending abroad have been exposed.

The media said with the reference to Uzbekistan's National Security Service that about 650 citizens of Uzbekistan had been fighting under the ISIL banners. It is so far unknown how many women from Uzbekistan are staying in Iraq and Syria.

"Although the militants are officially married in their home countries, they seek to get new wives and prefer fellow citizens," the media quoted an analyst of the National Security Service as saying.

According to them, women, usually failures in private life, are drawn in via social networking services.

"Women going to military conflict zones are unlikely to be happily married there. Most often, they are used for rendering sexual services to ISIL fighters," the analyst said.