2015-07-13 10:04:00

Karimov urges creation of special UN body to tackle IS problem

Moscow, July 13, Interfax - Uzbek President Islam Karimov has said that the United Nations should set up a special body to deal with Islamic Stateproblem.

"Unfortunately, few have identified the roots that led to the creation of the Islamic State. It is seems to me it will be no harm if UN set up a special commission. This commission could make and discuss some proposal so as to ensure unanimity on this issue: what is the so-called Islamic State and how to fight it," Karimov told the leaders of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) countries.

He warned against drawing parallels between terrorism and Islam.

"We need to support the traditional Islam and renounce all kinds of the fanatical one, and the UN must proclaim this policy. Islam is a global religion, and fighting Islam is actually nonsense," said Karimov, urging to analyze the causes of the rise of fanatical movements within Islam.

He also touched upon the problem of Afghanistan, claiming that the current situation in that country can be described as "a sluggish confrontation between antagonizing forces, whose further continuation poses a serious risk of instability overflowing into the neighboring countries in the region."

"We, neighbors, cannot help but think of it and be concerned precisely by this fact," Karimov said.

Peace talks are the only solution to the Afghan problem, he added.

"We are definitely worried by the forced withdrawal from Afghanistan of the international forces, which could lead to a serious rise in threats, growing instability in and outside Afghanistan, spread of terrorism and extremism, and increased drug trafficking," Karimov said.

He has not ruled out that radical terrorist forces would quickly fill the current vacuum of power in Afghanistan, thus leading to "the so-called Iraqi scenario" which brought Islamic State into existence.