2015-07-15 11:06:00

ISIL recruiting new members in Khabarovsk Territory - local Muslims

Khabarovsk, July 15, Interfax - The Khabarovsk Territory has shown signs of active recruitment for the terrorist organization Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant banned in Russia, chairman of the Sodruzhestvo regional Muslim public movement Khamza Kuznetsov said on Wednesday.

"According to the information of my acquaintances in law enforcement agencies, a criminal case has been opened in the Khabarovsk Territory on the counts of recruitment for ISIL. A person with origins in a Central Asian republic is the suspect," Kuznetsov told Interfax.

Numerous attempts of recruitment of young Muslims have become known, he said.

"They were even offering sums of money rather large for migrants who lost their jobs. Fifty thousand rubles - this is a monthly salary promised by the emissaries, according to rumors circulating amongst Muslim migrants," he said.

Interfax has not obtained an official confirmation to the opening of a criminal case on the recruitment counts.