2015-07-21 11:20:00

State Duma deputy asks Russian foreign minister to initiate international tribunal for ISIL

Moscow, July 21, Interfax - Deputy head of the faction of A Just Russia in the State Duma Oleg Nilov has sent a petition to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov requesting to consider the possible initiation by Russia of the establishment of an international tribunal for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant at the UN Security Council, Izvestia wrote on Tuesday.

"By sending my petition I would like to remind you that the primary task of international institutions is the resolution of problems threatening the entire world. ISIL is a No 1 world threat but despite this hundreds of thousands of victims are displayed by ISIL daily an international tribunal has not yet been established and sanctions have not been imposed on persons, organizations and countries abetting these criminals," Nilov told the newspaper.

According to the newspaper, Nilov described ISIL as "a religious group of newly minted fascists" who terrorize [the world] by refined torture and extremely brutal executions of women and children.

A source in the Russian Foreign Ministry information and press department told Izvestia that the petition from the State Duma would be processed.

"Petitions filed by officials are processed within a period of ten to 30 days depending on their content but this petition is unlikely to be processed rapidly, moreover as the minister is now on vacation. Anyway, every petition is processed," the source in the Russian Foreign Ministry told the newspaper.