2015-07-22 12:23:00

No way back to Chechnya for those joining Islamic State Kadyrov

Grozny, July 22, Interfax - Those leaving to join terrorist organizations should be stripped of their citizenship, Chechnya's leader Ramzan Kadyrov said.

"And they shouldn't be allowed to return to Russia. We cannot assign 10 policemen to each of those who returns," Kadyrov said at a meeting with the regional police leadership on Tuesday evening.

"Those who went to Syria or Iraq should know that they shut the door to Chechnya behind themselves. There is no way back for them," Kadyrov said.

He said that Chechnya had built up priceless experience of the struggle against terrorism which different countries are already interested in, "but we cannot ease up."

The Islamic State stages terrorist acts in different countries and regions where the Muslims live, the Chechen head said. "Their goal is to shed the blood of the Muslims as much as possible, undermine the economy and wreck the integrity of Islamic states," he said.

"The operative work of the law enforcement agencies should be at the highest level," Kadyrov said.

The Russian Supreme Court recognized the Islamic State as a terrorist organization which is banned in Russia.