2015-07-24 11:42:00

Kyrgyz PM proposes to build special prison for religious extremists

Cholpon-Ata/Osh, July 24, Interfax - Kyrgyz Prime Minister Temir Sariyev believes that persons convicted of terrorism and religious extremism should be isolated from other inmates in order to prevent the radicalization and recruitment of the latter.

"The republic needs to build a special prison for people convicted of religious extremism as they are energetically recruiting criminals for their ranks," Sariyev said at a visiting session of the Kyrgyz Interior Ministry Board in Cholpon-Ata in the Issyk-Kul Region on Friday.

"Blending religious extremists and criminals generates a dreadful combination," he said.

"We saw the results of such blending in Bishkek last week when security services liquidated a group of members of an international terrorist organization, among them were criminals who had joined ISIL," Sariyev said.

In the opinion of the prime minister, the isolation of persons convicted of religious extremism will help avoid religious radicalization of the rest of the prison inmates.

Police officers in southern Kyrgyzstan, which has witnessed the highest rate of recruitment for fighting on the side of Islamic radicals in Syria and Iraq, have long been proposing the isolation of people detained on religious extremism suspicions or convicted of that offense.

They cited as a negative example the holding of Rashid Kamalov, imam of the Kara-Sui mosque in the Osh Region detained for recruiting believers for the war in Syria, in the same cell with other inmates at the Osh detention center. The imam continued his propaganda after he had been locked up.

According to the Kyrgyz Interior Ministry, 422 citizens of Kyrgyzstan, including 55 women, are fighting for Islamic radical groups in Syria and Iraq.