2015-07-29 11:46:00

Islamic State recruits people worldwide Bortnikov

Yaroslavl, July 29, Interfax - Russian Federal Security Service Director Alexander Bortnikov said the training of foreign terrorists for the international terrorist group Islamic State (ISIS, which is banned in Russia) is taking place on a large-scale.

"The training of foreign terrorists is taking place on a large scale. Having united diverse terrorist groups under its flag, ISIS is actively recruiting new people worldwide," Bortnikov said at an international meeting of the heads of the special services and security services in Yaroslavl on Wednesday.

Bortnikov said that "militants who have received psychological and terrorist training in ISIS camps and received combat experience in war zones are going to designated regions using illegal migration channels."

Bortnikov believes their purpose is "to create underground groups, recruit militants, and sabotage the internal security and territorial integrity of the countries where they settle."

He said that "terrorists, who use the newest information technologies are spreading the ideology of radical Islam, emphasizing their 'messianic role' and promoting terror as the only method of conducting a total war against infidels."

"Skillfully taking advantage of the increase of citizens' mistrust in state institutions, disappointment of universally accepted Christian and Muslim values, ISIS leaders and recruiters are looking to mobilize under their flags large groups of people, with an emphasis on young people," Bortnikov said.