2015-08-10 12:47:00

Tajikistan exempts from liability 36 repenting ISIL followers

Dushanbe, August 10, Interfax - Thirty-six Tajik citizens who went to Syria to join ISIL have returned to their home country being disappointed in the movement; they are exempt from criminal liability, the Tajik Interior Ministry press service said on Monday.

Law enforcement authorities believe that these 36 people "went to Syria by mistake or under the influence of fraud." "All of them repent because they have learned the entire truth about ISIL," the ministry said.

Many of those exempt from criminal liability are women who went to Syria with their husbands and boyfriends. Their husbands died in the hostilities, and the women were abused by other ISIL fighters.

"The rescued women who managed to come back said that they were violated for several months under the threat of being murdered. Different men threatened them with reprisal if they refused to accommodate their sexual needs," a senior officer of the Interior Ministry with knowledge of the returned persons' cases told Interfax.

International media frequently reports the so-called 'sex jihad' practiced in ISIL-controlled territories. Militants 'marry' women according to Muslim traditions and immediately after their wedding night or several hours later annul their marriage by saying a special phrase.

The Tajik Interior Ministry said that 519 citizens of Tajikistan were fighting for ISIL at the moment and that about 150 more had died fighting in Syria and Iraq.