2015-08-11 12:23:00

Kazakh Islamist sentenced to 13 years for "jihad" propaganda

Karaganda, August 11, Interfax - The Specialized Inter-District Criminal Court of Kazakhstan's Karaganda Region passed on Tuesday a guilty verdict on a local resident on the counts of terrorism propaganda and recruitment of fighters.

"The court has found the defendant guilty and sentences him to 13 years in a high-security penitentiary and the confiscation of his assets," Judge Tolegen Tansykpayev said.

A resident of Temirtau, Karaganda Region, has been found guilty of terrorism propaganda, incitement to social, ethnic, tribal, racial or religious hate, involvement of a minor in criminal activity and recruitment for terrorist activity.

According to materials in the proceeding, the man was publicly preaching ideas, viewpoints, theories and concepts justifying terrorism. He was also urging people to join extremist activity in the form of 'an armed jihad' and to murder 'infidels' in countries which, in his opinion, 'oppressed faithful Muslims'.

He also called on young people to participate in sabotage-and-terrorism organizations which by their form and essence posed a threat to the life and security of people and caused deaths, the judge said.

In his words, detectives have established that the man organized the transportation of an underage boy to Syria to join the Caucasus Emirate international terrorist group and the fight against government forces in Syria.