2015-09-04 10:18:00

ISIL recruits IT specialists, doctors, engineers in Uzbekistan

Tashkent, September 4, Interfax - Uzbek security services have uncovered ISIL's purposeful recruitment of skilled civilian personnel, the local media wrote on Friday.

"Alongside encouraging the arrival of families, ISIL is trying to lure to Syria and Iraq professionals and skilled workers rather than those who simply pull the trigger," the media said quoting analysts of the National Security Service.

They think such workers will be important to the terrorist movement which is trying to prove it can establish a state rather than just fight.

"Doctors, engineers and people with religious training receive much higher 'resettlement' bonuses than unskilled workers," a representative of the National Security Service said.

Most Uzbek citizens sought by ISIL are not fighters, he said. The terrorist group is using talented IT and PR specialists to produce intricate online propaganda. ISIL is offering specialists from $20,000 to $30,000 so that they come and bring their families.

According to the National Security Service, 500 to 600 people from Uzbekistan are fighting for ISIL.

"Yet we do not have reliable information about the total number of Uzbek citizens who have moved to the ISIL-controlled territory. It is very difficult to monitor Uzbek citizens traveling to Syria and Iraq across other countries, not only Turkey," the representative of the security service said.

Young Uzbek citizens working abroad are the favorite targets of ISIL recruiters, he said.

"Men are encouraged to bring their wives. Quite often their wives refuse to go or find their way back. In this case a man seeks another woman to marry," the analyst said.