2015-09-17 20:45:00

Uzbek court gives ISIS supporters lengthy prison sentences

Tashkent, September 17, Interfax - The court in the Khorezm Region of Uzbekistan has handed down a sentence to a group of young people who spread the ideas of Islamic State, which is banned in Uzbekistan, a source in the law enforcement agencies told Interfax on Thursday.

"The court has given seven members of the group prison sentences ranging from 3.5 years to 18 years in prison. All of the accused were charged with recruiting people into Islamic State," the source said.

The judicial investigation has determined that the people disseminated jihadist ideas and openly called for a change of the constitutional system in Uzbekistan for the purpose of building an Islamic caliphate, the source said.

The longest prison sentence (18 years) was given to Ulugbek Olimov, the head of the group, who had a criminal record, the source said.

According to earlier reports, several ISIS recruiters have been detained and convicted in different regions of Uzbekistan since the beginning of this year. It was also reported that ISIS members prepared to carry out several terrorist attacks in the territory of Uzbekistan in spring 2015.