2015-09-23 12:58:00

ISIL distorts, compromises Islam Putin

Moscow, September 23, Interfax - Ideological concepts of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) are distorting and compromising Islam, President Vladimir Putin has said.

"We can see what is going on in the Middle East where terrorists of the so-called Islamic State are compromising the great world religion, seeding hatred, murdering people, including clerics, and barbarically destroying world cultural monuments," Putin said at the Moscow Cathedral Mosque opening ceremony.

The ISIL ideology "is built on lies, on blatant distortion of Islam," he said.

"They are trying to recruit followers in our country as well. Islamic leaders in Russia are using their authority to courageously and fearlessly resist extremism propaganda," Putin said.

He expressed his "profound respect" for Islamic leaders in Russia in his speech.

"They are really doing heroic work and suffering losses. But I have no doubt that they will continue to raise believers on the principles of humanism, charity and justice," Putin said.

The Russian president noted the role of Islamic leaders in fostering inter-ethnic accord in Russia.

"I would like to note the great role of Muslims, primarily their spiritual leaders, in the promotion of inter-ethnic and interreligious accord. The rejection and condemnation of any manifestations of fundamentalism and radicalism have become a weighty contribution to the struggle against nationalism and religious extremism," Putin said.

"This area of work is particularly important today, amid the attempts of cynical speculation on religious sentiments for political purposes," the Russian president said.