2015-09-30 11:32:00

Number of citizens of Russia, CIS states joining ISIS grows hourly, there are thousands of them Kremlin

Moscow, September 30, Interfax - Russia should start combating ISIS militants without waiting for their infiltration into Russia, Kremlin administration chief Sergey Ivanov said.

"The number of citizens of Russia and nationals of CIS member states who to our great regret join the ISIS terrorist organization is growing hourly rather than daily. The issue is about thousands of such Russians, not tens or hundreds," Ivanov told journalists after the Federation Council considered president's request to use Russian armed forces abroad.

"Some of them have already returned to Russia, and it is easy to suggest - no need to be a fortuneteller - that they will continue to return to our territory," he said.

"Thus it is expedient to make preventive actions at distant frontiers rather than facing this problem" in Russia, Ivanov said.