2015-10-02 10:05:00

Supreme mufti backs Russia's decision to launch military operation against ISIL

Ufa, October 2, Interfax - The Central Spiritual Muslim Board of Russia supports the Russian president's proposal and the Federation Council's decision to use the air forces outside the country, according to a fatwa statement released on behalf of Russian Supreme Mufti Talgat Tajuddin.

"We declare our resolute support for the deeply respected President Putin and his supporters in Russia's higher echelons of power, who, in the Federation Council, have unanimously approved his proposal to allow the use of the Russian armed forces abroad, being strictly guided by the counter-terrorism principles of international law, on the one hand, and on the other, based on a formal aid request from the legitimate government of fraternal Syria in its fight against the united forces of chaos and terrorism," Tajuddin said.

The Muslim board condemns terrorism and bans all Muslims from joining and cooperating with terrorists, granting them asylum and providing any other services, because it would amount to "cooperation on the paths of sin and aggression," the mufti said. He urged everyone who was drawn into such groups one way or another "to repent and to return from them."

Tajuddin urged the spiritual administrations of Muslims of Russia and the world and representatives of other religions and denominations "to declare their resolute non-involvement or cooperation with these terrorist groups."

In his view, government agencies, schools and other educational organizations and mass media across the world should also get involved in the fight against terrorism by explaining its danger to countries and people.