2015-10-07 11:45:00

Moscow mufti dubs Saudi clerics' decision to declare jihad against Russia as 'independent action'

Moscow, October 7, Interfax - A jihad against the authorities of Syria, Iran and Russia declared by a number of Saudi clerics is "a strictly independent action," Mufti Albir Krganov of Moscow and the Central Region of Russia has said.

"According to Islamic law, such a fatwa is international, which means only a chief of state or a spiritual leader of a country's Muslims, in this case the King of Saudi Arabia or its supreme mufti, can declare it," Krganov told Interfax-Religion.

In his words, the status of the aforesaid individuals was not sufficient for making such declarations.

The declaration of the group of Saudi clerics should be seen as "an element of the information war against Russia," he said, adding that Moscow was not fighting the Sunnis by its involvement in the Syrian conflict but was helping fight international terrorism at the request of the legitimate Syrian administration.

Tatarstan Mufti Kamil Samigullin agreed with Krganov and said that the jihad against Russia declared by a group of Saudi clerics should not be treated as something important.

"What has been happening is that marginal groups have been shouting in social networks. All of us remember that certain clerics have already declared a jihad against Russia and have called it off without having the slightest idea about it [Russia]. Only acknowledged clerics with knowledge of the local situation can make such clerical judgment calls," the mufti told Interfax-Religion on Monday.

"The jihad, i.e. the declaration of war, is an instrument of international politics, a part of the international law regulated by states recognized by the international community. As far as we know, not a single legitimate state has declared a war, i.e. a jihad, against Russia," the mufti said.

The media said on Monday that over 50 clerics in Saudi Arabia had called on Islamic countries to declare a war on Russia, Iran and the Syrian government on the grounds that the coalition of Russia, Iran and the Syrian administration "has been waging a real war on Sunnis and their countries."