2015-10-07 16:20:00

Russian operation in Syria is no relation to Sunni-Shiite conflict - Kadyrov

Moscow, October 7, Interfax - Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of Chechnya, has called the attempts to present the Russian operation against ISIL in Syria as the fight against Sunni a provocation.

"The patrons of the Iblis State [ISIL] are showing concerns. They have started acting. Having become convinced that the Russian aviation is effective, they began playing the 'Sunni-Shiite' card," Kadyrov told Interfax on Wednesday.

"Statements are being made that the Iblis State is not a terrorist organization. They are allegedly Sunni who oppose Shiite and who are fighting against Sunnism worldwide," Kadyrov said, calling those allegations absurd.

"I am asking not to give in to those provocations by the Western special services. They begot al Qaeda, the Iblis State, they destroyed Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, and they caused chaos in Egypt," Kadyrov said.

Kadyrov said that "over sixty most well-known Islamic religious figures from dozens of the world's countries have issued an official fatwa declaring the Iblis State an enemy of Islam."

"Most authors of this fatwa are Sunni. Moreover, I, like all my ancestors, have always been and will stay Sunni. I am the main Sunni in this land! And I am saying that ISIL consists of rabble collected by the Western special services from all over the world. The first people they destroy are Sunni. I am asking you not to give in to these provocations by the special services!" Kadyrov said.

"Open your eyes to this! The patrons of the Iblis State, who have raised their heads in some countries, are following the orders of their Western masters, who are concerned about the prospects of the elimination of ISIL and restoration of peace in the Middle East. It's not in their plans. Their task is to maintain military conflicts in the region for decades, distract attention from other global problems, and keep the resources under constant control," Kadyrov said.

"No one should doubt the firmness of the Russian administration's position on the Middle East issue," he said.

"We cannot endlessly listen to threats addressed to us, silently look on as an international terrorist organization, which is destroying countries and is shedding the blood of millions of people, gains power near us. The days of ISIL are numbered. The young people who have found themselves on its side need to urgently return home and ask for forgiveness on their knees. Or they will stay buried in a foreign country," Kadyrov said.