2015-10-26 10:14:00

Gunman linked to Islamic State killed in Dagestan

Moscow, October 26, Interfax - A militant leader linked to the terrorist organization Islamic State banned in Russia has been killed in a counterterrorist operation in the village of Gimry, the Untsukul District of Dagestan, the National Antiterrorist Committee said in a statement.

A source with local law enforcement agencies had told Interfax earlier on Saturday that a man suspected of belonging to illegal armed groups had been killed in a special operation in Gimry.

"The active phase has been completed, and one gunman has been killed. He has been identified preliminarily as Abdula Nustapayev, a local resident and an active member of a Gimry sabotage and terrorist group that has just been destroyed," the source said.

Nustapayev has been on the federal wanted list since June 2011 for an attempt to commit a terrorist attack on the dam of the Irganai Hydropower Plant, where he worked.