2015-10-30 14:37:00

Leader of Transcaucasia Muslims calls on Patriarch Kirill to unite in fight against terrorism

Moscow, October 30, Interfax - Allakhshukyur Pasha-zade, head of the Directorate of Caucasus Muslims, has called on Orthodox Christians to act as a united front against the terrorist organization Islamic State.

"We, Muslims, do not take ISIL as part of Islam. This force is against Islam. I believe we should jointly fight this terrorist group, like other terrorist groups," Pasha-zade said during a meeting with Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia in Moscow on Friday.

He said he believes pubic figures, politicians and religious figures can successfully fight terrorism together.

The Muslim leader pointed out that ISIL members are now entering Afghanistan, "and that is on our border."

"We have no choice, we have to unite spiritually. Christians, Muslims or Jews, we will succeed if we are together," Pasha-zade said.

Pasha-zade also reiterated the "vital role" of Patriarch Kirill in the peaceful solution of the Karabakh problem.

"I have high hopes for your role in the solution of this issue," Pasha-zade said.