2015-11-09 15:35:00

Russia in Syria protects all citizens of the country irrespectively of their religion

*** He urges Russian Muslims not to give in to informational propaganda

Moscow, November 9, Interfax - Supreme mufti of Syria Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun is thankful to Russia for military operation in his country.

"We are thankful to Putin who directed your troops to our country. These troops fight neither for Assad, nor for Putin, they fight for all of us. We are against dividing people on confessional characteristics," the mufti said at a press conference in Moscow.

He noted that 15 years ago when the USA state secretary came to Syria and demanded that Syrians should have closed the base in Tartus "to make Russian brothers leave, so that Russian ships could not enter Tartus, Bashar Assad answered: we are a free state and we are not your marionettes to do what you want."

"In this strive for freedom Syria has become a target of aggression," Hassoun said.

According to him, if not the firm position of Russia, "not only Syria, but also Iran would be their target and would be defeated."

The mufti stressed that Russian military space troops in Syria protect both interest of their country and Syrian citizens irrespectively of their religion.

"When they say that Russia came to Syria to protect Shiites against Sunnis, we say there are no Sunnis or Shia, there are citizens and Russia protect them all," Hassoun said.

Addressing Russian Muslims, he said: "Don't trust, be careful with the propaganda that is poured upon you. The Russians who came to Syria, they came to protect Russia, not a certain religion."