2015-11-13 10:18:00

Russians fear terrorist acts by ISIL - poll

Moscow, November 13, Interfax - Forty-eight percent of Russian citizens recently interviewed by the Levada Center have said they fear that emergencies like a terrorist attack or a hostage taking situation could occur in their country any time soon, the center's sociologists told Interfax.

Seventy-six percent of respondents who believe that terrorist acts are possible anticipate threats coming primarily from the Islamic State extremist organization, which has been banned in Russia.

Respondents to the survey also think that international organizations in general pose a threat (39%), while 17% of those polled named Russian extremists and radicals are a source of threats.

At the same time, 34% of respondents do not think that such emergencies are possible in Russia, and 18% of those polled were unable to answer this question.

The survey was conducted in 46 Russian regions on October 23-26 and involved 1,600 people.

Responding to sociologists' questions, 58% of respondents said that they are afraid of becoming victims of a terrorist attack (59% in 2014, 71% in 2013, and 86% in 1999). Eighteen percent of those polled said they were confident that this would not happen either to themselves or their relatives (14% in 2014, 9% in 2013, and 6% in 1999). Another 22% of respondents said that they had not even thought about this matter (24% in 2014, 18% in 2013, and 6% in 1999).