2015-11-13 19:32:00

Spiritual vacuum leads to growing religious extremism, bishop of London believes

Moscow, November 13, Interfax - Bishop Richard Chartres of London believes spiritual vacuum eventually leads people to extremist groups, including ISIS.

"It is part of being human to worship and if there is no worthy object of worship then the vacuum is filled by something banal or dangerous," he said at the meeting with Russian church officials at the British Ambassador's residence in Moscow.

According to the bishop, quoted on Friday by the embassy press service, "the bruised and humiliated ego surreptitiously re-ascends by projecting its own rage and lust for power on some idol-god made in our own image," and at this the bishop sees "the nature of the appeal of IS."

The bishop said "it is a time for Christian solidarity," as Christians face terrific challenges in the Middle East.

He called the 21st century "a new historical era" when Christians should find new ways to promote sustainable peace and seek to make a "unique Christian contribution to securing a hopeful future world order".