2015-11-24 13:28:00

General Secretary of the International Union of Muslim Scholars calls false the information about his support of Russian operation in Syria

Moscow, November 24, Interfax - General secretary of the International Union of Muslim Scholars Ali Qaradaghi says he does not give up his critics of the Russian operation in Syria.

"Someone spreads invented information claiming that I support Russian intervention in Syria! As if Russian intrusion is help to Islam and Muslims! It is a fabrication and invention from the start to the end!" Qaradaghi writes in his page at a social net.

The Islamic leader said that his position is unchangeable and he supports "revolt of the Syrian people and Syrian revolutionaries." He is against any foreign intervention "whatever it is - American, European or Russian."

The IUMS is headed by the radical preacher, ideological leader of the Muslim Brothers terrorist organization Yusuf al-Qaradawi who in 2012 called Russia "Islam's enemy number one." This October, the Union urged Muslims to "oppose international intervention in Arabic countries, especially of Russian troops to Syria."

Recently in response to the address made by the IUMS Russian members, general secretary Ali Qaradaghi welcomed that "Russia together with other countries seeks a political decision to ensure the free will of Syrian people."