2015-11-25 10:06:00

Russia not striking mosques in Syria - Defense Minister

Cairo, November 25, Interfax - Russian warplanes in Syria choose targets taking into consideration their religious and humanitarian role and do not attack terrorists' field hospitals, Russian Defense Minister Army Gen. Sergey Shoigu said.

"Our troops in Syria have made significant success in eliminating terrorists and their infrastructure. To avoid casualties among civilians, targets are chosen taking into account their location and also their social, religious, and humanitarian significance," Shoigu said at negotiations with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah as-Sisi in Cairo.

"Despite the fact that we have information indicating that militants deployed their facilities in mosques, schools, and hospitals, no strikes have been delivered on them," Shoigu said.

"In addition, Russian aircraft do not attack terrorists' field hospitals whose location we are aware of," he said.