2015-11-25 11:43:00

Turkey made a blow on good will of Russian people and should apologize

*** He calls bandits those who buy oil from militants

Moscow, November 25, Interfax - Central Spiritual Muslim Board of Russia Chairman Talgat Tajuddin urges Turkey to apologize for shooting down Russian Su-24.

"This unfriendly act violates the international law, it is a blow on good will of the Russian people. The Russian Aerospace Forces forcedly participate in restoring peace in the Middle East that was destroyed in the result of the USA aggression and bandit coalition of other countries," the mufti told Interfax-Religion.

Tajuddin is sure that "Russia should demand explanations from those who hit the jet and Turkey should apologize."

Commenting information that Turkey gets cheap oil from the territories controlled by militants in Syria, the mufti noted that "according to the Sharia law, a Muslim does not have right to buy the stolen and hide a bandit, the one who steals the stolen is a robber and bandit."

The Muslim leader also said that Turks are fraternal people to Russians, "they originate from Altay, less than a thousand years ago they went to southern seas and founded a great empire that grasped a big part of the Earth."

He called Russian pilots participating in the Syrian operation "heroes of Russia." "The Russian people fought off all attacks for more than a thousand years. It has worthy sons and grandsons," the interviewee of the agency said.