2015-11-25 12:27:00

Turkish administration purposefully supports Islamization of its country - Putin

Nizhny Tagil, November 25, Interfax - The authorities in Ankara are holding a policy of Turkey's Islamization, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said.

"The problem is not the tragedy we faced yesterday, the problem is much more profound. We and not only we can see, I can assure you that this is seen by the entire world, that the incumbent Turkish administration has been holding a rather purposeful domestic policy for quite a few years to support Islamization of its country," Putin told reporters on Wednesday.

Islam is a great world religion; it is one of the traditional religions, in particular in Russia, Putin said.

"We are supporting Islam and we will be doing so, but this is the question of support to a more radical trend, so to say. And this is creating a very unfavorable environment, an atmosphere which may not be visible at the first glance," Putin said.