2015-11-30 11:48:00

Turkey finances elimination of thousands of Muslims - Kadyrov

*** According to him, Turks sponsored Wahabis who killed the Chechen people

Moscow, November 30, Interfax - Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov denied accusations of Turkish media claiming he stood against Islam and blamed the Turkish authorities in destroying Islamic countries and nations.

"Mass media and social nets write that Turkey has always helped Chechnya. They try to reproach me saying that I am against Islam and support the unfaithful. I like to be concrete: when, where and how did Turkey help my people?" Kadyrov writes in his Instagram page.

According to him, Turkey helped not Chechnya, but Wahabis who "committed terrorist attacks, killed Chechen people," and today authorities of this country do not fight the ISIS, but support this organization.

"Turkey does not fight the ISIS. It has business with them, buys oil, finances enemies of Islam, who are killing thousands of Muslims," the Chechen head said.

He believes the attack of the Turkish air forces against Russian Su-24 is the act hostile to Islam.

"There are almost 30 millions Muslims in Russia. It is our Motherland and the aircraft hit in Turkey is ours! And the pilot is ours! You knew there are millions of Muslims in Russia, then why did you hit our aircraft on West's and the USA instruction and kill our pilot, who struggled against the ISIS protecting Muslims? Kadyrov wonders.

He also said that "Turkish authorities help eliminate Islamic nations," with their approval "West destroyed Iraq, Syria, Lybia."