2015-12-08 12:50:00

ISIL accuses Afghan Taliban of betraying Muslim interests, cooperating with Pakistan intelligence

Dushanbe, December 8, Interfax - Afghan followers of the outlawed terrorist group ISIL have posted a new video accusing the Taliban of betraying Muslim interests.

In the video, a man who introduces himself as Abu Yassir al-Afghani accuses the Taliban of cooperating with the Pakistani military intelligence service ISI, the Afghan news agency Khaama Press said.

He also criticizes the Taliban for "deviating from the righteous Islamic path."

The video was released under the 'Vilayat Khorasan' brand (the Khorasan Province) which, according to the terrorist group, incorporates Afghanistan, Pakistan and adjoining areas.

Khorasan is a historical name for the region encompassing present-day Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and some other countries of the region.

The video of the Afghan ISIL followers was released in the midst of a fierce battle for power between Taliban leaders and contradictory reports about the death or injury of the group leader, Mullah Akhtar Mansoor, after a conflict in Pakistan.