2015-12-09 18:03:00

Russia can save the world from the supremacy of evil, if it revives its spiritual strength - Patriarch Kirill

*** According to him, mass media wins over the Church in a struggle for human souls

Moscow, December 9, Interfax - Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia urges all healthy forces of the society to unite for spiritual revival of the country.

"It is very important that all healthy forces of the society today unite for the true revival of Russia. The Church, science, art, culture, education, sport - all these things should work for strengthening spiritual foundations of our person," the patriarch said on air in his program The Pastor's Word on The First Channel.

"We should revive the force of our spirit, we should revive the moral foundations, powerful, strong. We should revive our national self-identification. We should revive spiritual strength of our people. And the things which define the true revival are connected with the person's spiritual life," he is convinced.

According to the primate, a powerful informational flow, which is crashed upon a person today "contains false goals and values, but it is packed in such an attractive package, in such a wrapping that conceals harmfulness of these goals and values."

"Though some people believe that the Church too actively participates in the public life, sociological polls show that people have not heard the Church and it is preconditioned by the fact that mass media in their majority work for other ideals and other values," he stated.

The patriarch believes Russia can become "a factor of saving the human race from the total supremacy of evil," "today it is one of the few countries, which stick to the independent foreign policy, stand for the necessity of preserving moral foundation in interpersonal and public relations."

"We stand against legalization and legal justification of homosexual 'marriages' and other outrages in the sphere of ethics. And it is a very important factor. Look: a business card, an access to certain geographical areas is recognition of the fact that the sin is legally justified there and it is correct," he said.

The patriarch also touched upon the topic of sanctions against Russia noting that "import substitution today stimulates the development of Russian economy." He is sure the country will stop depending on import of goods if no one prevents it from such development.