2015-12-10 13:13:00

Approx. 900 Dagestan residents fighting for ISIL in Syria

Makhachkala, December 10, Interfax - Almost 1,000 Dagestanis have joined ISIL in Syria, Dagestani Interior Minister Abdurashid Magomedov has told Dagestan State University students.

"Dagestani law enforcement authorities are aware of approximately 900 Dagestanis who have joined ISIL in Syria. Some of them have taken their families and children away under the influence of pseudo-religious ideas," the university press service quoted Magomedov as saying on Thursday.

The minister said all those people had been put on the federal wanted list.

"There are still some serious militant groups" in the republic, mostly in southern Dagestan, the minister said.

The republican police are engaged in a constant standoff with members of illegal armed units, Magomedov said.