2015-12-16 11:19:00

Kadyrov hopes Islamic coalition unlike western will show real success in struggle against ISIL

Moscow, December 16, Interfax - Chechen head Ramzan Kadyrov expressed hope that the Islamic military coalition will fight against terrorist organization Islamic State (banned in the RF - IF) more successfully than their western counterparts.

"In fact, we see that the western coalition, on the contrary, complicates the situation in the Arabic and Muslim world. We'd like to hope that the Islamic Coalition will choose the way of rescuing the Middle East and other regions from the threat of terroristic chaos," Kadyrov wrote in his Instagram.

He supposes that if the western coalition had truly fought against the ISIS, it would have wiped the trace of terrorism off the face of the earth in seven days."

"Today only Russia opposes the Iblis gang, while other countries sometimes deliver the shipment of arms to the wrong place, or sometimes buy oil in the wrong place, or forget to block their borders for terrorists," the Chechen head wrote.

Er Riad announced the establishment of the coalition on Tuesday. It includes 34 countries: Egypt, Turkey, Qatar, the UAE, Malaysia, Pakistan, and some other states of the Persian Gulf and Africa.