2006-04-07 21:55:00

Zyuganov slams Lenin reburial proposal

Moscow, April 7, Interfax - A call by the Russian Academy of Sciences History Institute to rebury the remains of Lenin and Stalin and remove the names of Soviet leaders from cities, streets, and other facilities, is a provocation, Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov said.

"I deeply regret that the Russian History Institute has been drawn into a dirty fuss, a provocation against our Soviet history," Zyuganov told Interfax on Friday.

"This is disgrace for any scientist and citizen," Zyuganov said.

"Only professional provocateurs can make such statements in our heated times," he said.

The letter signed by Russian History Institute acting Director Vladimir Lavrov suggested "liquidating the necropolis on Red Square" and "releasing the remains of Lenin, Stalin, and other individuals responsible for mass reprisals, either to their relatives or their followers, in particular, the Russian Communist Party." The letter also suggested "removing the names of Lenin and Stalin, and also their comrades from the names of cities, streets, and subway stations."

Meanwhile, Russian Academy of Sciences President Yury Osipov said he was "unaware of this proposal, but it is unacceptable to burn out history in such an easy way."

"If every new generation settles scores with the previous one, nothing good will come out of this," Osipov told Interfax.