2016-03-29 16:01:00

Patriarch Kirill responds to the critics considering 'the heresy of worshipping the human'

Moscow, March 29, Interfax - Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia explains his position on human rights that caused resonance and critical reaction.

"It resulted in such a noise! And I just said a simple thing, not doubting the human rights. I just said that if we make human rights an absolute measure of truth, then there will be no truth: so many men, so many minds," the patriarch said speaking on Tuesday in the Moscow City Duma.

He said that if a person has rights, but does not have any supreme ideals, "then he will use these rights to satisfy himself."

According to the patriarch, "in context of such philosophy of making god of a man, when a man becomes god, there can't be any love," even in family relations.

In his recent sermon in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior the patriarch urged to defend Orthodoxy from global heresy of worshipping the human, the new idolatry that removes God from human life." He pointed out that "efforts are being made in many prosperous countries to establish by law the person's right to any choice, including the most sinful ones, those that contradict god's word, the concept of holiness, the concept of God."

These words caused resonance, some media reproached the patriarch in neglecting the human rights.