2016-04-11 12:07:00

Russian Aerospace Defence Forces help liberate Christian town in Syria

Al Qaryatayn (Syria), April 11, Interfax - The Russian Defense Ministry reports it has realized a unique operation on liberating Syrian town Al Qaryatayn populated by Christians from terrorist band Islamic State (banned in Russia).

"From April 1 to April 3, Syrian governmental troops supported by the Russian Aerospace Defence Forces carried out a unique operation on liberating Al Qaryatayn from ISIL militants," the Russian Defense Ministry official major general Igor Konashenkov said.

He told that at the first stage divisions of the Syrian Army blocked all the roads leading to the town, then the attack started. The operation is unique as no one from Syrian Army and guards was killed, Konashenkov explained.

Normal life is being restored in Al Qaryatayn, local residents are coming back to the town that was occupied by the ISIL during the last eight months.