2016-04-11 14:29:00

Russian Muslims participate in reconciling enemies in Syria

Moscow, April 11, Interfax - Experience of Russian Muslims especially in the field of ethnic reconciliation will help peoples of the Middle East overcome existing military conflicts, mufti of the Stavropol Region Muhammad Rakhimov believes.

"We're ready to extend and strengthen contacts with Muslim and non-governmental organizations of the region in the field of "people's diplomacy," Rakhimov said at the international conference Muslims of Russia for peace and overcoming crisis in the Middle East in Pyatigorsk.

He notes that the Middle East region is ill with the disease of extremism and it can infect Russia.

According to the mufti, Russia is ready to help peoples of the Middle East overcome military conflicts, sharing with them the experience of Russian Muslims, especially in the field of people's reconciliation achieved in Chechnya.