2016-04-27 12:32:00

Russian bikers deliver icons to churches of the Moscow Patriarchate in Africa

*** Expedition lasted for half a year, its participants covered 42,000 km

Moscow, April 27, Interfax - Bikers-pilgrims from the Nochnye Volki club visited Russian Orthodox churches in Africa.

"The expedition lasted for half a year. Its participants covered 42,000 km," the Krestovsky Most Orthodox paper writes.

"We started our trip from the blessing of the Rector of the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra. After a prayer service, he instructed us to deliver icons of St. Sergius to African parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad and the Orthodox Church of Alexandria," biker Yury Volkov said.

Motor bikers reached the most distant parish of the Russian Church in Uganda. The Annunciation Church is located in the island of Bukasa in Lake Victoria.

"Priest Christopher Walusimbi - the first black African priest in the ROCOR. He said that life is extremely hard there: extreme poverty, lack of medical help and absence of electricity. To get to the post, the bank or the hospital, Father Christopher has to travel many hours by ship," Volkov said.

Crosses and icons from Russian believers were given to the priest. Rector of St. Sergius Church in Johannesburg priest Daniil Lugovoy received icons of St. Sergius and St. Mary of Magdala.

The bikers also visited churches in Morocco, Cote d'Ivoire, Ethiopia and Mozambique and transferred crosses, icons and other gifts from Russia.