2016-04-27 18:19:00

Russian Intelligence Directorate: Some govts attempting to use jihadists to overthrow al-Assad

Moscow, April 27, Interfax - Governments in a number of countries are trying to use militants of ISIL (the terrorist organization outlawed in Russia) in attempts to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the Directorate's deputy chief Sergey Afanasyev said.

"Currently, leaders of ISIL and other extremist groups are trying to derail the implementation of the ceasefire agreement reached between Damascus and the armed opposition," he said when speaking at the Moscow Conference on International Security on Wednesday.

"For these purposes, Islamists organize provocations aiming to break down the process of conciliation among the Syrian conflicting parties and, in particular, by way of attacking both government troops and the moderate opposition units that have joined the peaceful settlement process," Afanasyev said.

This happens largely due to "the double standards policy" pursued by those governments trying to use "Jihad soldiers" in their attempts to overthrow the regime of al-Assad, he said.