2016-05-10 15:33:00

Patriarch Kirill calls Russian Aerospace Forces anti-terrorist operation in Syria holy war

Moscow, May 8, Interfax - Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia has called the fight against terrorists in the Middle East a holy war.

"Now that our warriors are fighting in the Middle East we know that it's not aggression, not occupation, not the forcing of our ideologies on anyone, not support of certain governments, it's a fight against a horrible enemy who carries in himself evil not only to the Middle East, but also to the entire human race. Today we call this evil terrorism," the patriarch said after a liturgy in the Church of St. George on Moscow's Poklonnaya Gora, which he served on Friday, the feast day of St. George, the heavenly patron of Moscow and warriors.

"For this reason, the fight against terrorism is a holy war, and I hope to God all people worldwide will understand it, so that no one divided terrorists into good and bad and no one should link the achievement of their goals, which are often not declared, but are really strongly present in political ideas, to the fight against terrorism. Then the war against such enemies and using such fair methods will also be holy," the patriarch said.

He said the Great Patriotic War was also holy and Russian warriors "can well be called Christ-loving warriors because they fought for the truth, for their Motherland, for their land, for the people against a vile and cruel enemy."

"We pray for the Armed Forces of our Fatherland to follow the spiritual line that envisages the involvement of the Armed Forces only in the fight against evil, in the fight for justice, for rescuing people's lives, under any circumstances," the patriarch said.