2016-05-23 10:29:00

Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar aims at eliminating Syria as a secular state, an expert believes

Moscow, May 23, Interfax - Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar struggle against secular character of the Syrian state, President for the Institute of Middle East Evgeny Satanovsky believes.

"Asad personifies a secular state. Secular Arabian state is unacceptable for these countries. And it should be destroyed," Satanovsky said in his interview with Interfax-Religion.

According to him, Syrian president Bashar Asad as an Alawite is a heretic for Saudi Arabia and Qatar, "absolutely unacceptable" and "should be killed."

The expert also said that Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar support Islamists in Syria, but each of them has their own aim.

"Qatar and Saudi Arabia needs caliphate, then they will decide who of them is the chief there, Turkey needs the new Ottoman Porte, where religion will become a natural center. Erdogan is a religious person and Turkish Islam, Islam in its Turkish variant is the kernel on which he founds his empire," the interviewee of the agency said.

He pointed out that Syria is an important ally for Iran in the region in its struggle against Saudi Arabia and Salafi.

"Sunni and Shiite clash, first of all, Iranian and Saudi is number one problem," Satanovsky said.

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