2016-06-03 16:08:00

Religious leaders of Russia urge to ban state-financed abortions

Moscow, June 3, Interfax - The Interreligious Council of Russia expresses concerns over mass abortion practice in the country.

The Council consisting of leaders and representatives of Orthodoxy, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism pointed out in its special statement that Russia holds one of the leading places in the world on the number of abortions - "the number of the violently aborted lives in mothers' womb on various estimations totals to a million or even exceeds a million."

The authors of the document are convinced that "human life starts from the moment of conception, which corresponds to views of our religious traditions and contemporary science."

"Those who denies life to the unborn child go against God, conscience and moral laws. Abortion of life hidden in mother's womb is a grave sin. No thoughts of individual comfort, profit, and false fears can justify the sin of killing a child, that inevitably result in negative physiological, moral and spiritual consequences of all participants in the crime," the statement further says.

Religious figures believe that abortions can not be committed on the account of tax payers, especially believers "who are principal opponents of violent abortion of human life," and supported suggestion to exclude abortions from the Compulsory Health Insurance.

They urged the state to work out an effective concept of opposing abortions and finance its prevention, and help women who decided to keep the baby and lonely women in a difficult situation.